Sunday, June 29, 2008

I might not be blogging for a few days...

Go here for a news story about yours truly!

Thanks Erin for the awesome post - too funny!

Friday, June 27, 2008

All it took was her cage

After listening to Biscuit run around the bedroom for nearly an hour, I semi-lost my mind. The tappy sound of those little feet running in makes me a little crazy. To remedy this problem, I finally ran down stairs and brought a crate (which she rarely uses) upstairs. She went right in and fell asleep. Now the only sound I hear from her is the deep breaths of her deep sleep.

Meanwhile, I'm pretty-awake due to the increasing frustrations I felt while lying in bed, wishing that I had figured out this crate-cures-everything solution approximately 59 minutes ago.

And now I'm thirsty for some kool-aid. It could be a long night, folks!

I love, love, LOVE Fridays.

I couldn't be happier that today is Friday. I am SO thankful that I get to spend the evening with my soon-to-be hubby :) I've had a terrible week just in general (details would bore you) and he's been working major overtime- so both of us have had a small case of the grumpies (ok, probably me more than him because he brushes things off better than I do). So anyway, we are headed to O'Charley's in about an hour. Yay.

This weekend has hope of being a nice break from the yucky week. I bought all the ingredients to make my homemade veil which I'm super excited about. It shall be lovely. I may or may not post pictures of it in the near future. We are meeting with the photographer on Sunday night (yaaaaaay!) And we will be doing a cake testing in the next few weeks. Bliss.

I hope this weekend is a nice break for you, too.

No pictures. I got nothin'

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Visit Here!

I just read a book by this website's founder. It was a great guide of how NOT to act as a bride. I'm semi-obsessed with etiquette, so this book was right up my alley. And let me just tell you that some of the things you will read on this site...of what people REALLY think is acceptable behavior...will floor you.

Check it out!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Inspiring Me as of Late...

Wedding Websites. I'm feeling addicted. Go here if you need pretty things to look at:

From any of those- you can link to tons and tons and tons of other wedding websites. You could spend hours doing it...which I have.

Now that all the big stuff that's hard to figure out is figured out... I have a new outlook on wedding plans! I mean, I still get ridiculously overwhelmed about...hmm..everything. BUT, there are so many beautiful ways of decorating weddings that I kind of want to do it more than once! :) Totally kidding. But I am glad that I've reached a different level of plan-making and now feel like its fun more than stressful.

So, yay. I hope you love the blogs.

My camera is still down and out (sigh) and will be for a few months. Here are some flikr faves I haven't shared before, because I know pictures on blogs makes them much more exciting. Here you go:

Saturday, June 21, 2008

we're all smiles over here :)

Our Saturday proved extremely productive. We found the church that our wedding will be in! :) :) :) This is such a huge relief... It's a cute old church that is very "woodsy" on the inside which will go well with our fall motif & it's right down the street from our reception site. Perfection! And the people that showed us the church were so cute. Yaaaaaaay :)

AND we ordered Scott's wedding band. Its pretty simple...tungsten...I don't really know how else to describe it. But I love it!

He's mowing the grass now so I should probably go contribute to our household as well. :)

Until next time, folks.

PS- if you are a Cincinnatian and want something to do tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon- you are more than welcome to come to Scott's movie debut! It'll be a fun time. If you'd like details, leave me a comment and I shall pass them on.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

any ideas? (cincinnati people)

hey all,

we still have been unsuccessful finding a site for our ceremony.

we are going to see at least one church (hopefully more than that) on saturday.

BUT... does anyone out there know of any churches/facilities that we might be able to use? I feel like I've e-mailed every church in Ohio at this point and am just not having much luck. Places are either already booked, you have to be a member there, etc...

So... if you have any ideas, I beg of you- leave them here for me!

Thanks :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Today was a great day.

Scott and I got lots of wedding stuff done (!!!!!)

And I got my dress. It is sitting at my house!

I haven't tried it on yet. I want other people to be there when I do it & I'm terrified of getting it dirty! :)

We registered at Dillards for BEAUTIFUL china. I didn't even know I wanted china. It's gorgeous!

I'm meeting with our florist on Thursday afternoon and she's Scott's aunt and is making very promising offers :) :)

Yay. I needed a night like tonight that may or may not have included a nice dinner at Chili's with honey-chipotle (whatever they're called) chicken crispers!

And I worked out and I've been working hard the past week to start losing weight. Besides the chicken crispers episode this evening, I've been eating very well. That's hard for me typically, but lately I've felt wonderfully motivated to make better choices. AND IT SHOWED ON THE SCALE TODAY!!! What a great moment! I've lost a pound and a half in a week. :) That may not sound like a huge number, but to a person that just has kept gaining for a while now...a loss at all is so significant to me!

Hope you've all had a great week. Holla at your girl! :) Night.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I got just that this weekend.

I stayed at a hotel last night and juuuuuust relaaaaaxed. It was nice. I've been stressin' about the wedding, but my weekend was a good chance for me to just clear my head a little bit and take a breather.

I got to see my Dad and since I have no money, I decided to be creative and I made him a collage of stevie ray vaughn (his favorite guitar player of all time) and various guitar images. (If you don't know, my Dad is so good at playing guitar that I think he should be a superstar! :) He LOVED the collage, and he says lots of sweet things all the time, my favorite from this weekend was, "Ang, I wouldn't have liked a gift that you spent a $1000 on more than I like this collage. It's beautiful."
What a fantastic man!

And I have another fantastic man that I'm looking forward to seeing in just a few hours! I told him we were going full-force wedding planning as of Tuesday. (I figured I'll give him a day off tomorrow since he's currently operating on about 5 hours of sleep since Thursday night)...

Speaking of Scott- he did lots of really cute things for his absence- such as leave me a note that told me which remote to use for the tv and which one to use for the dvd player and how to use them both in combination with each other. He knows just how much I don't understand our tv system!

He also left a note he drew on on my computer (using draw or whatever...not a permanent marker to my physical computer :) when I got home on Friday night. It was a sweet little suprise. I tried to copy it, but he drew it so I don't really know how to do all that...

Anywho, final answer: weekend was good.

Hope yours was as well. Here's to a happy week!

Friday, June 13, 2008

An update nonetheless

Hi friends.

I'm solo this weekend because Scott is participating in a super cool movie project called the 48-hour film project. I will post more about it once his movie goes up on you-tube.

So, I'm having sort of an angie-retreat this weekend.

I rarely have alone time, so I'm kind of enjoying it. I was a single girl for a long, long time and so this coupledom thing is still pretty new to me. I miss Scott already, but its nice to just be chillin' alone.

BUT, my angie-retreat weekend was almost pooed on because I got a bill for my recent MRI that I had done (they found nothing- no worries)...but I wasn't expecting a bill for it. I thought my insurance was covering it all. Not so much. There's $215 I'll never see again! beloved camera. I told you it was broken. Unfortunately, it's really broken. I took it to get estimates today... it's roughly $225 broken. Ouch.
AND... when I send it in to get fixed, it'll be gone for 2 months. Ouch again.

So, thats all a lot of money that I don't really have.

But I shan't let it get to me!

I'm working on a collage for my dad for father's day. I'm seeing him this weekend. He'll put a smile on my face. :)

Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Memories from yesteryear

We had nothing to watch tonight so we turned on Showtime On Demand. At that moment, I was totally ok with just how much money we spend on cable each month after finding one of my all-time favorite movies EVER just waiting for me to watch at my convenience. That movie is... D2!

I had the BIGGEST crush on Adam Banks (aka Vincent Larusso). I am not kidding or exaggerating when I say...I seriously thought we had a future together.

Here he is now. I read some article online where someone saw him as a bartender in hollywood. If Laura and I ever take our trip, we will totally be stopping in that bar. JUST to say hi. :)I mean, I'm pretty over him now. :)

But yes, watching this movie took me back to 7th grade, where I watched this movie... everyday. I would fast forward and rewind to the scenes Vincent/Adam was in. I felt moved when Charlie ran around the rink with Old Glory flying high over his shoulder. ;)

I hear that my comments weren't working. I hope that that is no longer true. I wish you all a lovely evening and remember: ducks fly together!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

We just saw this movie. We both thought it was very funny. Also, Scott...I know you read this, so please just turn your eyes away for a minute... one of my top five celebrity crushes is Jason Segal, and he is the fellow that is trying to indeed forget Sarah Marshall. I will say that after this movie, nothing and I do mean nothing, is left to the imagination regarding Mr. Segal. You see everything he's got...several times. So, just be warned, there is defininte full frontal nudity in this movie. (And crush or not, I'm not really into that, so whatever).

Anyway, good movie. You will laugh. You will want to not ever eat again so you can be as stunningly beautiful as the headlining girls. Then you will laugh some more.

That's all for me, goodnight everyone!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

aruba? jamaica? virgin islands?

In my last post, I wrote that we were going to try to go to Hawaii for the honeymoon. As of today, we have made a formal decision (ok, it wasn't so formal) to go somewhere else (probably in the caribbean). Hawaii would be great and wonderful... BUT

1. We think there would be SO much that we would want to see that it would be impossible to fit it all in 5 days- and chances are, once we go we won't be going back. So we thought, maybe we should just start saving money after the wedding and plan a supernice longer trip to Hawaii. And by then we'll have kids, so it would be extra nice :) (we have discussed that our children WILL be staying with grandparents during that trip!)

2. Hawaii is so expensive! Oh my goodness. We figured out that we could physically get to Hawaii and have a place to sleep... but that might be it. We would rather use the money we are getting from our parents and that we've saved in other ways and not use ALL of it on the Honeymoon.

So, that being said, I feel really good about this decision. I hadn't really thought about the fact that we wouldn't even be gone a whole week! Flying to Hawaii is like 16+ hours from here... so we would lose two days right there.

We started looking at possible places to go. We love the idea of all-inclusive. We are probably going to talk to our friend's mom who is a travel agent sometime in the next few weeks.

Have you been to any of the islands in the Caribbean? Any places we should or should NOT go?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I had what was supposed to be a quiet/productive evening at home alone.

While I was somewhat productive, I was kind of hoping to get our whole wedding planned tonight. :) That didn't happen.

I don't feel very good at all- I have a sinus headache {AGAIN} and frustrating things have happened. I don't have the energy to do the stuff I need to get done. Ugh. Biscuit pooped and smeared the poop into our wooden floor. That was especially nice. It was just kind of a blah evening. And there was no rain like I had been counting on (actually, I wanted storms!)

On the other hand, I DID contact the person that I want to design our invitations. She does a very cool thing where she does the graphic design work and then emails me the file and I get it printed. I LOVE her stuff. The problem is I'm not 100% sure if she's going to be able to do it. She has lots of orders right now and isn't accepting new orders right now. Lets all keep our fingers crossed that she will decide that my wedding is the event of the year and she totally needs to do the design work. That'd be great :)

Also, one of the churches we've been looking at DOES have the date available that we need! I originally emailed them the 25th. Our wedding is for the 11th. Yikes. But alls well that ends well.

PS in the bad news department, there is a reason you haven't seen pictures from me in a while. I broke my camera. UGGUHUHUHGGGHGHGH {--- me ridiculously frustrated. I need to take it in to get looked at, but I'm thinking the repair is going to be a couple hundred dollars. Thats a couple hundred dollars we canNOT afford right now.

In other good news, we might just get to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That news might trump everything else, good and bad. I've wanted to go to Hawaii since I can remember, and it was looking like it was going to be out of our price range. But my Dad recently told me that he was planning on giving us money for a honeymoon. Along with Scott's parents AND our wonderful tax rebate checks...this just MIGHT happen.

Thats all. I need to go finish the dishes. Ugh. I'm so up and down right now, can you tell?

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I'm not one. I don't think. Yet.

But I understand how brides get that way, and I send them my sympathies.

{The show is on a sort of marathon right now & I'm lovin' that}.

Most of you (all of you?) probably knew that I was engaged before. Planning that wedding was much different than this one. Emotionally, this engagement is in much better shape than last time around! I feel great, secure, happy, optimistic etc... about my future.The marriage will be great, if I can just pull of the wedding!

The details of it all were a lot easier the first time.It was a different world back then for me. I KNEW exactly what was available in Richmond, Indiana. Now I'm in Cincinnati and I'm facing so many options that I feel over-stimulated! I had a smaller budget that time around and a bigger guest list, which made the reception planning a lot simpler- there couldn't be much to it. We were going to get our reception site FOR FREE and I belonged to a church that we attended so that part was a breeze as well.

Fast forward to 2008. So many options for everything! And I have such different taste than I did 5 years ago. And now I'm working between 2 states. And I'm working a full-time job that wears me out. And we're serving alcohol. And Scott has a huge family and we have lots of friends together at a much more expensive-per-head reception. AND, I'm farther in the process than I made it last time...

All that being said, I'm trying to remember that it will be fun and after this wedding is over we will be married, and thats what its all about, anyway. I'm trying to remember that things naturally work out and fall into place. I'm starting to do some of the more fun things like looking at flowers, invitations and cakes. Except for money, that stuff isn't all that stressful. Yet.

Thanks to my friends and wonderful fiancee that are keeping me grounded and not letting me become a total bridezilla. And as I continue in this process, please keep me sane.

PS I went to King's Island today with Laur. It was very fun. I'm so proud of her for riding invertigo (aka face-off!)