Tuesday, December 25, 2007

It's Christmas!

Today was a lovely day- lots of good, good things and people and events. I got to see lots of my family that I [sadly] only see at Christmas. Christmas is a hard time for me for several reasons, but Scott {what a fantastic fancy :)} makes all things better and knows how to make my sadness go away. I'm very thankful for that and him and the beautiful rock he recently placed on my finger. :]

Highlights/Random Occurences of my day:
1. Catch Phrase with my fam. :) even if we didn't follow any of the rules (as a stickler, I am semi-bothered by that, but worse things could have happened).
2. We got...a lot of money to put towards our "we need a bed" fund. YAY. Now if we can just find one!
3. Scott got an x-box from his parents and I. He wasn't expecting it at all and we managed to surprise him and he's stoked!
4. After a long day of traveling, we made it home safely and cooked a DELICIOUS pizza. So glad we didn't go to domino's!
5. I get to go tomorrow [at 7AM if I wanna] to get lots of new craft supplies with my gift cards.

+ Scott got me lots of really great gifts (a new and much needed camera bag, bling earrings, a wallet that matches my purse - needed as well- there it is...isn't it adorable?! a ddr game that I am hoping will help me get whipped into shape, and an armband for my ipod that I am excited about for the same reason) and more! But he just gave me a sweet kiss that is one of my most favorite gifts of all day. :)

Hope you and yours had a great one!

*Thanks, Vera Bradley, for designing such wonderful items that I enjoy!