Wednesday, April 30, 2008

another game of tag!

Laura I tagged me, so here goes. I can't remember how many random things I'm supposed to do, so I'll do 10. Sure.

1)I will not wear colored socks. I've always thought they were itchy.
2)When/if we get another dog (in the FAR, FAR future), her name will be Flo.
3)I've been working out at the gym at least three times a week for 2 months now.
4)I think McDonald's Sweet & Sour sauce is the most delicious thing EVER. Here in Milford, they actually have a sauce policy. It's pretty intense.
5)I'm terrified of all things related to having children: being infertile, having a terrible pregnancy, having children with some sort of mental disorders/disability/kids that act like the ones on Supernanny, bringing children into our world when I think its a scary place.
6)Besides all that, I'm actually quite excited to have children in the near future. When we have a girl (we will NOT stop until we have one!) her middle name will be something I made up years ago- Annagail. My mom's middle name (and the name she went by) was Gayle, and I wanted to name my daughter after her in some way. The superironic thing is that Scott's mom's middle name is Anne. A perfect combination: Annagail. :D
7)I terribly miss teaching dance and desperately want to get back into it after our wedding.
8)I had several unfortunate hair disasters while growing up and I have picture-evidence of most: perms (thats permS, plural), fullet, braided rattail, wings. Yikes.
9)When I was little, some of my favorite shows included: Laugh-In, Donna Reed, Green Acres, My Three Sons, Full House, Family Matters and In Living Color. I'm not sure my parents knew I was watching some of those. :)
10) I loooooooooved the dancing on In Living Color BUT I thought that I was better than any of the "fly girls" and often got frustrated because of this. I thought I would grow up to be one.

I hope that you now know things about me that you previously did not. I tag whoever would like to be tagged.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Congrats to my bff/moh!

I just heard from Laura that she and Chad got engaged last night. Yaaaaay! So excited for them :) And her ring is perfect- its soooooo Laura! Good work, Chad! Not only would I like to congratulate her for getting engaged but also for riding the vortex with me at King's Island this weekend. You go girl! ANNNND she's working really hard at losing weight. She is showing a lot of self-discipline and persistence and I admire her. It's paying off- she looks littler and littler every time I see her. And she's almost done with another semester (quarter?) of school. I'm proud to call her my bff/moh. Here's to you, Laur! The word of the day is...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Babies + Photography = 2 of my most fave things!

We went to a birthday party of a darling little 1-year-old this weekend. I find myself taking lots and lots of pictures at social functions and I think its because I get so nervous at said functions. Over the years, I've tried to force myself to be an extrovert, but I'm an introvert at heart. People intimidate me. Crazy? Maybe. True? Definetely.

Here are some pictures that I snapped while filling socially awkward.

I think being a baby photographer would be such a fun job.

PS I'm kind of in a crabby mood tonight. One of those nights when I just LOVE being a woman.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

rough week {again}

Social work is hard stuff. I see things happen in kid's lives that will drastically effect the rest of their lives...often in a very negative way. I'm getting to the point where I want to bring them home with me and be the perfect parent and give them everything they could ever need and try my damndest to make their heart not hurt.

That being said, I've been so, so, so busy at work. Mostly behind the scenes type stuff that nobody knows (therefore, I look extra-crazy when I freak out about my work not getting done!)

I'm SO glad tomorrow is Friday, but to be honest... I'm already stressing about Monday.

When my time in the social work world is over, I want to do something that is happy.

In other news, I'm starting a garden. It's a little bit ambitious. I plan to harvest the following crops:

Tomatoes (easy), Strawberries, Corn, Pumpkins (HA! I am going to try to have a pumpkin patch!), Green Beans, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Watermelon, Carrots, Cabbage and Lettuce.

Writing it out, that does indeed seem like a lot for my first real garden EVER.

Monday, April 14, 2008

My old stomping grounds.

(tap dance...get

I thought that was a clever title for the below information that i recently posted on

I am looking to get back into the dance world :) I taught in a studio for four years (every age and several disciplines including tap, jazz, ballet and drill team), performed with a college dance team and on a cheerleading squad, and took lessons for years myself :)

I am offering to teach lessons in several different ways (and am open to other options as well!): *bridal party groups (how fun would it be to have a choreographed dance for your wedding!) *any type of small groups (girl scouts, home school groups, bachelorette parties, etc...) *individual lessons (learn how to tap dance this summer!) *a fun wedding dance for you and your fiancee *I would LOVE to coach a dance team! *Choreographing any musicals/theatre performances My rates are reasonable. I am experienced and professional and can provide plenty of references! I also have videos of some of the performances I have choreographed.

Dancing is a beautiful thing! I will help you feel confident as you learn technique and how to perform. Please contact me for more information!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I get by with a little help from my friends...

And these girls can make me laugh until I nearly pee my pants.

We had a CFI (where we all used to work together) girls night last night and laughs were had.

Here is evidence that I'm not lying, in case you don't believe me.
PS I think awkward poses = a good time. Thus the arm linkage, etc.
That being said, I need more girls nights! Ginger/Tina group- shall we? Erin & Laura I- you're far away from me :( but someday maybe WE can do a girl's night. Anyone else who may be reading this that would like a girls night, I'm game!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thanks, friends.

Tina: Thank you for your sweet words- they mean a lot to me :] and def. put a smile on my face and thanks for your ideas!
Erin: Thanks for your comment as well! I actually don't know the brand of my dress so I can't give a link. That's ok, it'll be a fun surprise!

For your viewing pleasure, I've updated my blog this evening and linked to those I love. I hope that you enjoy.

I actually scrapbooked a layout tonight (OMG*thatneverhappens*).

And here she is...

Seriously, I NEVER create scrapbook layouts. I'm waaaaaay more likely to make a mini-book. But tonight I wanted to accomplish something to put in my actual book, and I did just that!

Dishes can wait.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Here are those pics (see below) :D

I can't believe I ever wanted to be a wedding planner...

Great news: I bought my wedding dress on Sunday! I'm in love with it. I can't wait to wear it :) Here are pictures of the event, not the dress. We had a really fun bridal weekend and I had my first house guests which was very fun. There were tears shed when I put on "the dress." Scott's mama = super excited and super sweet to me!
PS if you stay at my house- know that your picture will be taken! ;)
Annoying news: No, we still don't have a reception site. Its kind of a nightmare. I JUST WANT TO HAVE THIS PART DONE. We have called every stinking possibility in the tri-state. We have a couple possibilities, but its still just FRUSTRATING. I feel like once that is booked, other things will be MUCH more smoother sailing and easier to figure out. Everything comes down to the reception site. I feel like a failure everytime anyone asks me 1. What is your wedding date? (Don't know, waiting to find the reception site) 2. Have you decided on a site yet? (Nope. Nope. Nope.)

So, thats where I sit this Tuesday (Idol) night. Feel free to say nice things to me. They will be appreciated.

Friday, April 4, 2008


That is exactly what I am. I went from basically do at work to this week where I was SWAMPED & had to deal with mini-crisis after mini-crisis. It was just one of those weeks where everything that could you wrong just about did. Even with being off on Wednesday, I still feel like I'm racing to try to get things done. I'm SO glad I don't have a work cell phone yet so I at least don't have to deal with anything for 2 days. Hopefully.

I'm looking forward to a fun weekend with Katie coming to stay and going wedding dress shopping on Sunday with Katie, Laura and Scott's mama. It totally stresses me out that we haven't booked our reception site yet. Ugh. Hopefully I can speak with the lady we need to speak to tomorrow.

So, ugh. I'm going to bed. It's 10:27 on a Friday night and I've felt like I could go to sleep for a few hours now. So...I'm gonna go do that. Nighty night.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen... The Cincinnata Redlegs!

We love baseball. Last night we had the best seats EVER! We were four rows back from homeplate in the "diamond club" and we got to eat at the fancy restaurant beforehand as part of the sweet package AND we had a waitress bring us whatever we wanted during the game. It was a great time.

We love one of the coaches- Billy Hatcher. At a game last year, Scott yelled his name and he pointed back and ever since then...LOVE. Here's our boy with my fave Ken Griffey, Jr. We were so closed to the dugout!

And since we NEVER make it on the kiss-cam, here's a semi-intense self-portrait of us :]

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

good things :)

here is a picture of a ribbon project I worked on a few weekends ago. you can't so much see the ribbons, but I like the effect. So here she is...

I'm watching Rock of Love...again.

Idol was great tonight. I heart David Archuleta & Michael Johns (& Scott E. Livesay) :D

I have tomorrow off work, which is SUPER. I've been soooo busy, that my boss thought it would be a good idea for me to work 4 ten hour shifts instead of five eights. I'm ok with that. I plan to finish arranging my scraproom & sleep in (I haven't been sleeping well, ew) & then ****REDS GAME****. Scott's Dad scored us SWEEEEET tickets! I'll take pictures and they will be awesome.

Rock of Love is so ridiculous. Seriously.

Pictures MAYBE tomorrow of my scraproom!

Oh yes and I'm going to be trying out for a design team (scrapbook related). I'm SO excited! I've never tried out for one before, and I like the challenge of the audition process :) & I really like the companies products! They are very hip and cute and fun. Go check it out: