Thursday, February 28, 2008

my sugar pie :]

I took this picture a few minutes ago and I wanted the world to see it. My little girl is growing up so fast. :)

Now onto adult icky things ie dishes & bills... but then Dr. Phil. Yay for 1/2 days at work!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesdays = Idol, Girl Scout Cookies and Tax Money!

Yes, that sums up my day. Sort of, but there is MORE!

I have decided to join my dear friend Erin (Cincinnati Erin, not Dordt Erin :) in a work-out endeavor and I had my first day today! We did a few minutes of biking before a class (I love this title...)called "Butts and Guts." It was semi-intense, but I kept up- and that felt great. Its hard for me to remember that just because I have gained weight does NOT mean that I am the world's most unfit person. Anyway, we are starting a "Biggest Loser" program on Friday. I'm so excited :) & I've been eating much more healthy than I usually do- I was very inspired by "Bento" which is a japanese way of packing food in a creative way so it will be more appealing to the eye which makes you want to eat it. I've included a picture so you have a clue of what I'm talking about...

The downfall to those endeavors is that girl scout cookies came in. Yikes. I LOVE CARAMEL DELIGHTS. YIKES.

But then I'll eat the entire box soon, so I won't have to worry about them anymore. :)

AND I got my tax money back today. We are waiting for Scott to get his and to hopefully get money out of my Dad this weekend so we can do a deposit on a place for the wedding! We haven't set an official date - we are trying to keep our options open so we can still reserve a facility for October. We are eager to get going!

That is all. I've only eaten 5 cookies during this post... not bad.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quick Run-Through of My Life Today

1. Sugar is shivering, I blanketed her. She appears to be doing better.
2. Our house is a sty. Note to self: get off toosh and clean it at some point. My love even straightened everything up during his time off on Friday (how lovely) and then the tornado aka me came through, depositing everything i've ever owned everywhere.
3. I'm realizing just how bad I am at capitalizing letters. Mainly the "i" key. Because the i key on my computer is broken. Pressing the shift + the broken i key just puts me over the edge.
4. We are heading out to a tea house for some waffles with out friends Val and Greg. I'm excited about said event.
5. Scott is trying to style his hair differently. He's trying to add some spike. I encouraged this decision. It's a good time.

AKA nothing huge is happening in my life. We are waiting to get our tax money back to put a deposit down on a reception facility. That will be a big exciting thing. Other than that, I really got nothin'.

Have a happy Sunday. Enjoy it, because then comes Monday, and EW.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Short note :]

In a world where there is always more to want, I treasure those times when I feel at peace and without want and thinking about how good I really have it.

The funny part is, today that time came about as I was playing Super Mario Brothers 3 on the original nintendo that my loving fiancee hooked up for me and created a lovely little place for me to sit while I played. The peace was soon ended as I couldn't make it past level 3 (which ALWAYS happens).

We had a fun time hanging out at his parents. I'm so thankful that I really love my future in-laws. They treat me like I'm their own.

Today is another lazy day. I'm now watching a random new reality show (thank goodness the strike is over) called Split Ends. It's suprisingly interesting about hair salon owners that trade with other salon owners. Seriously, it's interesting. :]

happy day off tomorrow for those of us that get to stay at home to celebrate president's day!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

We are watching Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Thus the title.

I haven't blogged in a while for several reasons, here's a brief list:

1. Sheer laziness.

2. The fact that I really really want a new computer, and until I acquire said computer, I find myself very frustrated whilst typing on this one with the missing letter "i" key. (Sugar is responsible for that).

3. Nothing ALL that important has happened, except that we were NOT chosen for the wedding giveaway. It was pretty devastating for me. Yes, winning a $50,000 wedding would have been wonderful, BUT I think the even bigger deal for me is that I feel totally invalidated as a scrapbooker, and that's hard. I really really will post pictures soon (again with the "i hate my computer). And you all can be the judge. I'm really proud of it, and I worked my toosh off. I just wish they had felt the same way...

4. I feel like I just blab on. That can be ok, but it can also be lame.

For lameness sake, I'll tell you what my day has consisted of, and you'll see just how cool I really am...

The morning started when I awoke at 8 AM because my body refuses to sleep in, even with the aid of Tylenol PM.
This was followed by a breakfast of leftover brownies. (Yeah, the health thing isn't so much happening for me.)
Followed by a trip to Target and Wal*Mart and Hobby Lobby. I got tape, tracing paper, make up, scrap paper, push pins, decorative pebbles for a sweet project and other things I'm sure.
McDonald's was for lunch, and it was delicious as always. I think McDonald's is the most tasty thing on the planet. (Yikes).
(PS I did get dressed for the day, but as soon as lunch hit, I donned the sweats.)
Followed by a couple of naps.
Later on, I DID assemble an art journal that I'm excited about (pictures maybe in the future...i make no promises)
and, the highlight of my day...
I caught an episode of Cheaters!

I am inspired by other people's blogs, I read lots of them. If you are reading this, I probably read your blog. (This includes Laura, Ginger, Erin, Emily, Laura I., etc.) I feel as if I should put things out that might prove entertaining. Again, I make no promises...

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I have been dead to the world for the past few days (weeks?) while finishing up my scrapbook for the wedding giveaway contest and I just got home from turning it in!!! Yeaaaaaaay. What a relief just to be done with it. I will know in a week whether or not we made it to the top 8. Wish us well and prepare to vote online for us :)

I really, really want to win. $50,000 wedding...

More details & pictures to follow.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

birthday review '08

my birthday was fantastic.

thanks to everyone who made it that way! I got lots of superfun stuff and was showered with love from so many people.

there were lots of highlights- here are ten of them- in no apparent order:

1. Racing around Joe's Crab Shack with my Dad on stick ponies. The whole experience was very, very fun!
2. Val decorating my WHOLE office and making the work day so much fun! (And my COOKIE CAKE!)
3. Shopping with Laura for a whole new outfit (which, I hate to say, covered up by my coat the entire night because the restaurant was freezing)! But Laura was on a roll. She had so many hilarious jokes that day! And the word of the day? Treat.
4. Dinner with Blaire and Katie on Friday night, even if the service was, per usual, horrendous! YES, we need to start eating in together! AND we had delicious ice cream at Graeters!
5. Birthday night #2 with Val and Greg at the "European Inspired" restaurant...RIGHT. :) & We played Marry, Date or Dump where I openly admitted my crush-love on several men including Kevin Costner, Enrique Iglesias, Kevin James (Scott = My Doug), Mick Jagger and John Lennon. I also picked to marry Tom Arnold two times, which I feel kind of uncomfortable about.
6. Receiving 9 million (something like that) text messages/comments/messages that made me feel special!
7. No, I haven't forgotten about my Love. He just did so much for me that it's hard to wrap it up in words. He is SO good at gift-getting. (Part of the reason I keep him around.) :) He bought me a watch, an address book, the previously mentioned flowers, CINNAMON HEARTS (my very fave candy) AND a new computer program- Bamboo. Its like...the coolest thing ever. I will be experimenting with it very soon, and I shall show you my results. Other than gifts, Scott just made the day(s) superspecial. He's really good at that, too. I love him.
8. I love that my bday weekend gets to continue because the superbowl is on today (just for me!) I shall be making lil' weinies!
9. I got so much fun stuff! A cute new purse, money, lots of scrap stuff (YUM), a FBI action set which includes my own badge ("special police"), two new white pens!, candy, lovely cards, a cute paperweight that reminds me that I'm special :), several meals out (YIKES) and the best gift- people showing their love by their time spent with me. :)
10. The "buzz" feeling I get like all day long when its my birthday. Its weird/awesome.

There's a rundown of my birthday times. I need to ease up on long blogs. I'll work on that.

Your fave recently-turned-26 year old!

Friday, February 1, 2008

birthdays are my favorite :)

yay today is my birthday!!!

and so far it has been lovely. i got some early birthday treats yesterday at work which included scrapbook stickers (how sweet is that!) and lunch from my choice (I chose Olive Garden- always delicious!)
and LOST was on last night, which I consider a birthday gift to me.

And then TODAY I've gotten several sweet messages from people and my Lovey left a beautiful vase full of flowers in the kitchen for me to wake up to. It was a great way to wake up. :)

AND I don't have to be at work until 9 and I'll get off at 1. WHICH MEANS, I've had the other treat of experiencing 2 episodes of Family Matters. I've said before that I feel like a lot of my sense of humor comes from Steve Urkel. He's so clever!

Looking back, my 25th year was pretty awesome. There were hard parts, but there were so many superawesome parts- I got engaged, bought a house, bought a new car, started a new job, developed several new friendships and strengthened older ones, got way more into scrapbooking- so much that I devoted a room of said new house to the craft!, went to my first CKU, took my first mini-vacation to Nashville with Scott, went to 4 weddings, nearly paid off a credit card (this is a BIG deal!), lost 10 pounds (I don't want to admit that it came back!), had a first Thanksgiving at our house with both of our families which was really special, hosted several little parties, and learned to knit.

I hope that my 26th year brings just as much fun. I'm off to enjoy my 26th birthday.